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We are a club basketball program designed to help train and develop student-athletes in the West San Fernando Valley and Ventura County Areas. Our goal is to prepare players for the High School level by providing a strong fundamental base, advanced understanding of strategic concepts, a detailed work ethic, and perspective about how important athletics are compared to family commitments, schoolwork, and various religious beliefs.
Valley Thunder provides intense and energetic training while making adjustments toward each student-athlete’s skill level and personal needs. Both written handouts and video evaluations are used to help each student-athlete maximize his or her potential as a basketball player.

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Player Spotlight.

Eric Strangis, Class of 2004
  • Crescenta Valley HS (2008)
  • University of Southern California (2012)

“Eric is one of the most special players we have ever had. Athletic and unselfish, he would grab the rebound, push the ball for a couple dribbles while he surveyed the court, then look left just before he fired a 40 foot chest pass in the opposite direction for the assist.”

“No Valley Thunder player has ever done more with our training than Eric did. His focus and work ethic inspired us all.” – Coach Kenney

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“Valley Thunder taught me the majority of my basketball fundamentals. So often youth coaches skip over the intricacies of our game, like your footwork when passing or whether you’re picking up your dribble on the bounce up or down when making a hesitation move before shooting. As I continued to play at higher levels, I realized the “advanced” skills that separated me from the competition were the fundamentals I’d learned from Coach Kenney.

“I still have my Valley Thunder binder and all of the handouts and homework our team covered, including Rudyard Kipling’s Law of the Jungle, and an essay where we chose a favorite player based not on style of play but on character and behavior. I also remember a conversation where Coach Kenney told me that greatness in any form required sacrifices. “There will come a time when all of your friends want you to go to Disneyland, and you will choose between that and going to the court to train” he said. “Either decision is fine, just know that your choices change your future.”

“Teamwork, sacrifice, discipline, character, leadership: the lessons I learned from Valley Thunder helped me maximize every ounce of basketball potential I had, but they were so much bigger than basketball.” – Eric Strangis

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