Our Program.


In order to create the most positive environment possible for our players to grow, we ask that all parents adhere to the following guidelines when they get involved with our program:


This theme reaches far and wide, and we try to teach it to the kids both on and off the court. As a parent, we ask that you be in contact with us in each of the following situations: running late for practice or a game, when vacations have been booked, when you are greatly concerned with something you have witnessed at a practice or game, or with any issue you feel affects your child.

Be On Time

Players who are late for practices or games put additional pressure on both themselves and their teammates. This is also a habit that can hurt them beyond basketball (meetings, job interviews, etc…). We ask that you have your child at all games 30 minutes before tip-off, and 5-10 minutes before practice starts. If you know or realize you are going to be late, please communicate as soon as possible with the coaches.

Support All Players

All players are not created equal, this is something our staff does not dispute. With that in mind, be aware that our program does not keep players that are not making some kind of contribution (talent, size, hustle, team spirit, effort, etc…). Under no circumstances will negative talk or bad mouthing of any player in our program be tolerated. A parent who says anything negative about someone else’s child will be warned once, and a second instance will result in the IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL of that family from the program. No child plays or behaves flawlessly. Imagine another parent badmouthing your child before saying something negative about one of your child’s teammates. This includes in the car ride on the way home, where it still puts pressure on YOUR OWN CHILD!!!

Represent Our Program

Please refrain from being negative during games towards ANY of the following people: the referees, scorekeepers, coaches (theirs OR ours), their players and families, and especially your son or daughter. Some of these may seem silly, but we have had to address every one of them in our coaching careers at some point. Virtually everything you do makes an impact on your child. Whether that impact is positive or negative is entirely up to you. However, we will not tolerate OTHER children being negatively impacted by your behavior more than once…





A gentleman is one who considers the feelings of others before his own rights, and the rights of others before his own feelings.John Wooden

Put Yourself in the Coach’s Shoes.

As a parent, it is your job to do what is best for your child. As coaches, it is our job to do what is best for every child!!! Sometimes, this concept leads to conflicts. Each coach uses his best judgment on teaching, praise, constructive criticism, and most importantly: PLAYING TIME. If you have a legitimate concern, you are welcome to communicate it to a coach. However, we ask that you stop and think about the difficult choices he must make repeatedly in every game situation. Fairness, success, victory…these are subjective terms. Sometimes they are in conflict with each other. This program strives to provide a healthy balance, but we are only human. Please try to keep this in mind and remain supportive. Coaches put in a great deal of time and effort and are very rarely provided with great financial compensation. Before complaining about the little things, ask yourself: “Is my child having a positive experience that will benefit them later in life, even though the Coach does/doesn’t (place complaint here)?”


Club Costs.

  • A commitment fee of $100 is required of all new participants. This fee helps to cover program costs and is non-refundable. If a player leaves the program for a period of three consecutive months and returns, a $50 reinstatement fee will be required.
  • Participation in the program requires a $150 monthly coaching fee, payable on or before the first of every month. This fee will not be pro-rated based on participation during the month. NOTE: Any fee paid after the first of the month must include a $25 late charge.
  • League and tournament fees will be disclosed in advance of committing to an event, and will be divided amongst participating players. These fees will include an appropriate “pro-rata” share of coaches fees if they are incurred.
  • Participants will be required to purchase necessary uniforms. Every effort will be made to control costs for participants.


Pay Online

  • Pay Monthly Dues for October:
    This covers your coaching costs and practices for the month, plus the online processing fee. Any fee turned in after the first of the month will incur a $25 late charge.

  • Tournament Fee:
    Three games minimum plus online processing fee (charge at the door of the event is likely).

  • Shootout/ League fee:
    Individual game played within the region.

  • Enrollment Fee:
    A one-time charge for insurance and administrative costs.

I’ve been playing, coaching and watching basketball for nearly 40 years, including coaching my 11yr old son, Jacob, in various recreational leagues. I had been searching for a program to enhance my son’s development. A program to teach him advanced basketball skills; technical basketball terminology; show him how to compete at a high level; emphasize how to win & lose gracefully; and most important, provide an environment where the culture is constructive and hard working. Valley Thunder Basketball offers all of this and more! Kevin and his staff, do an outstanding job of teaching both the physical and mental aspects of basketball. They provide methodical and age appropriate dialogue, when directing young basketball enthusiasts in understanding the effort required to be successful athletes and students. I’m thoroughly impressed with Kevin’s coaching methods and highly recommend Valley Thunder Basketball.Adrian Gaines