SGV’s “Big 3” dates set!

SGV has announced the dates for their three major tournaments, all at American Sports Center in Anaheim…

ALOHA CHALLENGE: October 14-15

THE INVITATIONAL: February 17-19


Mark your calendars!

SGV Summer Finale


7th grade: 2-2 (quarter-final loss)

6th grade: 2-1, pool winner (semi-final loss)

5th grade: 2-2 (semi-final loss to Champion)

4th grade: 2-2 (semi-final loss to Champion)


ARC Playoff Schedule: June 17-18


7th quarterfinal: 10 am vs Shepherd Sports @ First Place Sports Complex (court 2)

*wear white*


7th semi-final: 10 am vs Simi Cagers II/Valencia Vanguard winner @ FPSC (court 2)

*wear white*

7th championship: 12 pm @ FPSC (court 2)

*wear white*

5th semi-final: 2 pm vs One Goal Basketball @ CSUN SRC (court 3)

*wear blue*

5th championship: 4 pm vs Ready 2 Hoop/Valley Oop @ CSUN SRC (court 2)

ARC Spring Schedule: June 4

All teams wear white…
7TH: 6 pm @ EMEK Hebrew Academy vs Rising Stars Green
5TH: 12 pm @ VNSO Park vs Valley Oop
4TH: 3 pm @ First Place Sports Complex (court 2) vs Grind 2 Shine

Team Nikos Memorial Mayhem Schedule

ALL GAMES AT LADERA SPORTS CENTER: 2 Terrace Road, Ladera Ranch CA 92694


8 am: 5th vs Nikos Jesse (court 3)

9:50 am: 5th vs Nikos Combo (court 3)

11:40 am: 7th vs Nikos 6 Elite (court 7)

1:30 pm: 7th vs Nikos Black (court 7)

2:25 pm: 6th vs Nikos White (court 3)

4:15 pm: 6th vs Team Hardwood (court 3)


8:55 am:  5th vs OC Ballers (court 1), 6th vs OGP Stampede Black (court 8)

10:45 am: 5th TBD

11:40 am: 6th vs Nikos Black (court 8)

12:35 pm: 7th vs Nikos White (court 8)

4:15 pm: 7th vs Real Run Red (court 7)


9:50 am: 7TH CHAMPIONSHIP court 4

11:40: 6TH CHAMPIONSHIP (court 4) 5TH CHAMPIONSHIP (court 2)

6TH: Quakes Spring Finale schedule


Saturday, May 20 (wear blue)

9 am vs SCV Playmakers 6th

12 pm vs SCV Playmakers 7th

Sunday, May 21 (wear white)

10 am vs Cal Vipers

12 pm vs VC Pirates

ARC Spring Schedule: May 21

7TH: 1 pm @ First Place Sports Complex (court 2) vs Shepherd Sports
*wear white*

5TH: 3 pm @ CSUN SRC (court 3) vs Showtime
*wear blue*

4TH: 9 am @ First Place Sports Complex (court 1) vs SoCal Spartans
*wear white* 

ARC Spring schedule: May 14


-7TH: 3 pm @ EMEK Hebrew Academy vs L.A. Warriors

*wear white*

-5TH: 12 pm @ VNSO Park vs CA Swing

*wear blue*

-4TH: 11 am @ VNSO Park vs Venom

*wear blue*