Frequently Asked Questions.

Practices are held between Thousand Oaks and Calabassas at various middle schools and Community Centers. Each practice can be located by clicking on the calendar link listing the practice time for that day. Individual league games are held regionally, usually within 20-30 minutes from our area. Tournaments are played locally and in other areas such as Ventura, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita and Anaheim.

Group tryouts are often held at the beginning of the Fall and Spring, but a player may try out at any time assuming there is space in his age group. A group tryout is 60 – 90 minutes. An individual tryout is held during the first 30 minutes of practice as part of our fundamentals block, and players must contact the coaching staff for permission to attend.
  • Enrollment fee: $100 (this covers insurance and administration fees) + $65 (game uniform) + $20 (practice/scrimmage jersey)
  • Monthly fee: $150 (this covers coaching and facilities)
  • Tournaments: $40 per player and guarantee 3 games (often 4 or even 5)
  • League: A fee split evenly amongst all players at cost (if the league will cost the team $700 and the team has 10 players, each pays $70)
  • Shootouts (isolated individual games): $12.50 per player

Any apparel or supplies (t-shirts, hoodies, bags) are strictly optional.

Monthly fees must be paid on or before the first of every month. $150 covers gym costs and coaching salaries. This amount has stayed the same since 2007 in an effort to keep expenses reasonable. Fees may be paid online through pay-pal, or with a check. All monthly fees that are late will incur a $25 late charge. Any check turned in after the first of the month that does not include the late fee will not be accepted.
Our staff tries to post events on both the website and calendar as soon as possible. Leagues and tournaments for each age group are based on availability, cost, and an age group’s best interests.
Playing time is based on a combination of the following factors: team chemistry, practice performance, attendance, improvement, and game strategy. Coaches will also factor in foul trouble and fatigue. Every game is different, and the coach may factor in an element you had not considered. The type of game is also relevant.

Tournaments/League playoffs: Coaches will be more strict with playing time in these situations.

Shootouts/League games: Coaches will be more flexible with playing time, especially with 3rd grade through 6th grade.


Players should plan to be at practice 5 to 10 minutes before start time. This allows a player to get comfortable and be prepared to start on time. Punctuality is important for everyone!


  • League/Shootouts: 30 minutes before any game between 10 am and 8 pm
    20 minutes before any league game at 9 am
  • Tournaments: 30 minutes before ANY game
    The first team to arrive is better prepared. It will create comfort for your player and for his/her teammates. Please be on time!
Please communicate with the VT staff. Some players should be playing as often as possible, while others will be limited by playing for multiple teams. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!
Players should attend even when injured! When a player attends despite being injured we can do the following:

  • Work on skill sets that don’t affect the injury
  • Show the team that your player really cares and is willing to sacrifice his/her time
  • Make sure they see and hear what we are doing with his/her teammates, and keep them posted on practice emphasis

A player should miss practice for the following priorities:

  • FAMILY: A major event (birthday, bar mitzvah, family reunion, etc… PLEASE COMMUNICATE!)
  • FAITH: Significant religious events (Please communicate asap)
  • SCHOOL: Any educational commitment. Our players are student-athletes, emphasis on STUDENT!
Valley Thunder is a club program, practicing and playing year round with a hiatus in August and holiday break in December. A travel team may be similar to a club, but usually takes seasonal breaks and plays closer to its own surrounding area. A local league is always seasonal and it’s teams are reformed at the beginning of each season.
Any family with a player interested in playing High School basketball and maintaining his standing in the program should always plan to take vacations in August when possible. High School teams play aggressive schedules in June and July, and youth levels have great camps, clinics and tournaments available during these months.